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Your Audience   

                 and You...


Speak to me in ways that make a difference
Write words that change my mind 
Entertain me, educate me, engage me
Be honest, be fearless, be kind

                Your Audience


1) You’re a speaker, a would-be speaker, an entrepreneur, a coach, an author...anyone really ready to expand your presentation abilities...or finally get that book written...and:

2) You’re as interested in getting actual results — truly inspiring & changing people’s lives — as you are in making money (but I do want you to make a helluva lot of money)...and:

3) You prefer an on-the-nose, straight-ahead approach...and:

4) You don’t mind having FUN in the process.

The entire purpose of this home page is to help you quickly decide if this website/blog is designed with you in mind.

It is if:


To me, the true mandate of the speaking and writing universe — regardless of subject matter — is inspired movement. So I want you to make big bucks, I want you to be more famous than a Kardashian if that’s also what you’re after...and...I want you to use all your tricks to help your audience/readers blow up their comfort zones and finally claim their lives.


If this sounds like you, we’re surfing the same wave.







“Jack has been my presentation coach, media coach, brander, anything I’ve needed. Most important to me: Jack has my back. I can count on him.  He’s hung in there with me even when we didn’t have a contract.


He’s as committed to your success as you are.”  Kristin Macdonald; speaker, workshop leader, author; brand: Second Vision

"It is not enough that we understand our own work. Jack has an incredible grasp of how we must shape and deliver a message in a way it can become nearly as meaningful to a large audience, or one-on-one, as it is to us. We have to become one with our message or our audience will miss it.


I have worked with Jack for a number of years and believe there is simply no one better at his craft. If you have an idea, get Jack involved early in the project. He will save you time, energy, and money.”   Doug McKee, author, presenter

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