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About Jack


"I've been in the coaching business long enough to know two important things: 1) I only want to work with committed clients — a few at a time — and

2) the holy grail for the audience is movement, growth, possibility...transformation. That’s what they deserve and what they should get.”

                           Jack Barnard

"Bottom line: Jack is the most versatile coach in the business."​
Dawna Jones



Jack Barnard is a master presentation and branding coach, a media trainer and writer: a true maverick in the business. He works with speakers, authors and entrepreneurs, both one-on-one and in groups. His technique emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual, focusing on the permission to bring forth one's distinctive style.

In addition to his speaker training, he has mentored dozens of authors through the writing and publishing process and has personally ghost-written a dozen books.

He is also the developer of SourceWork, a playful technique of dynamic expression. Jack has facilitated over 400 SourceWork events in both the US and Europe.

In the presentation arena, Jack is the author of We Get Our Cue From You: The Communion Approach to Public Speaking and has recorded a dozen CD’s/mp3’s on various presentation subjects. (Full roster in the Products section of this curious website.)


“Jack has been my go-to guy for years. I’ve hired him for speaker training, branding, media training, you-name-it. Recently I shifted the direction of my coaching and speaking business. I wanted to do it the right way, and I knew exactly who to call. Finally, I needed a brand new website approach. Guess who I worked with? Jack is truly versatile...and fun.”    Linda Salazar

“Jack Barnard has the gift to see inside of ‘who you are’ and really help bring it to the surface. His background in coaching and inner work combined with his gift for storytelling allows him to use the simplest of tools and create magic. His Template allowed me to answer a few questions and produce a book - who knew! I've seen what he has done for me AND others - if you are thinking about investing in yourself as a speaker - start here! And from a Former Marine - that's an order friend.”  Kira Wagner


“These days, it seems that every other person is a speaker, an author, a video star. All well and good. Bringing your message to the world — whatever the medium — is both a privilege and a responsibility.
Two questions: ​
How are you going to get our attention?  ​
How are you going to get us to act?

"Jack Barnard is a truly exceptional branding, media and presentation coach.  We have worked together close to 18 years and I always know that I can trust him with my clients and referrals.  He gets the work done and takes peeps to the very top of the list. Heck, he  even writes signature songs for them." 

   Susan Levin, owner and founder of Speaker Services, since 1992

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