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“I’m not going to pull any punches here. I’ve been in the business a long time, and at this point,

the only thing I’m fascinated by is Results. Actual, provable, karma-moving, comfort zone expanding, life-changing Results! Maybe I’ve gotten selfish. I choose to work with people who

have a similar focus and are really ready.”    Jack Barnard












Jack Barnard is


Conglomerate: a collection of many different types of things; empire


Conglomerate Training...These days, if you’re a would-be speaker, a business hotshot, an entrepreneur or a network marketer; if you have a product, service or about-to-be-realized dream; it’s not enough to start speaking about it, or to do seminars & workshops about, or to have a great website about it, or to blog about, or to social network about, or to write a book about — you need them all!


In short: to truly make a lasting impact, you need to be a media maven: a compelling speaker...a credible author...a believable video performer...a master marketer. A Conglomerate!

And let me add, all these pieces need to come together in a congruent, harmonious stratagem...and not feel like it was designed by warring cousins.


The message is the media...
The media is the master.


• Extreme clarity re. your message...
The first thing you must master is your message, everything starts here, and your core message/major point has to be unique & needed. This is critical, and frankly, the place that way too many media mashers blow it. Your message is the crown jewel in your priceless necklace.


• All Purpose Structure...Building on your message, you need to be prepared to express it compellingly in 3 sentences, 1 minute, 7 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, and so forth to various audiences. A clear, comprehensive structure is the heart of all your outreach.


• Command Branding...If we the people don't know what is truly different and profound about you, we're not going to show up...or give you our eager attention. (And even if we try to, we're not properly primed.)

Good branding is a shortcut for your various audiences — and meeting planners. It helps them see not just what is unique about you and your message, it provides a consistent and vital window into the essence. Good branding — what I call Command-Branding — is not just what you call what you do, but the convincing conversation that follows and the conclusive dialogue that follows.

• Media/Audience Training...Juicy, Goosey, Seducee Language
Eventually — or if you're lucky, sooner — you want to be interviewed by all kinds of media — print, radio, TV, et al. You deserve it, and it's the way to get your message out there.

More importantly, we-the-people have been trained in sound-bite language. That’s why I’m also calling this module Audience Training, because it really is. That's what we get in our commercials, our news programs, our interview segments. We like to be talked to this way and we get antsy when we're not.


Even if public speaking is not the leading edge of your conglomerate combo, presenting yourself in a succinct and exciting manner is still a critical cog in your promotion machine — whether that be on your website, in advertising material, in interviews, in blogs or on stage. Let’s face it, the ubiquitous presence of Twitter and texting and their clones has only reinforced the need to master the well-crafted sound-bite.


Maybe you can tell it...
But can you sell it?

Promotional’s one thing to know your message, it’s another to be able to excite us with it. At a minimum, you need colorful, riveting one-sheets, and a bang-up presentation package — all cleverly designed to knock us on our cans.

The meeting planners and others who can book you know what excites them. Do you?


• Marketing Magic...believe it, you can have absolutely everything else together — you're well-branded, you have great material, advanced presentation skills, etc. — if you don't have a well thought out, focused marketing strategy, you're dead in the water. It's like all the self-published authors who ended up with garagefuls of unsold books.

• Presentation Coaching...there you are in front of an audience. The audience is primed, they've read your promo material, they've seen you networking or being interviewed, they like the way you talk about your stuff, they're hooked on your command-branding, they bought into your marketing strategy. The Game is on, what does the audience want?

They want a grand slam, a slam-dunk, a hat trick, a game-breaker. They want to be led, they want to be surprised, and they want to be inspired to their greatness. They want a life-changing experience.

To do that, you have to know how to create an authentic, energizing, over-the-wall-of-their-comfort-zones relationship. You have to connect and go deep. They want to be set free!


Website’s easy to say that you need a kick-butt website because that’s the name of the game these days. Here’s the burning issue (and my pet peeve): too often when we look at a conglomerate outreach, we get the distinct impression that it was put together by a divergent committee. Salvador Dali meets Dalai Lama meets Dolly Parton.

Your website is paramount. Your website is the temple which houses, presents and exemplifies your grand stratagem.

• Book’s 2013, if you’ve got a message, you need a book. Let me restate that: YOU GOTTA HAVE A BOOK! It doesn’t have to be 200 pages, and suppress your desire to have McGraw-Hill publish it, but a book is a must. It’s a calling card. It’s a banner. It’s skywriting! Here’s the double-lovely part: in keeping with the importance of streamlining your central core theme, all the work you’ve done for the other pieces already mentioned, organize and inform your book.


• Conglomerate Conclusion: It’s 2013. You’re looking for outlandish success — whatever the venture. To create a meaningful impact, you need to be a Multi-Media Monster, and your outreaches have to be timely and hopefully, timeless. Lastly, you don’t want to spend $50,000 and take forever to get all this together.


These are the components. Challenge me on any of them.

I have extensive background in each of these elements.

If you want references, ask me.


Two prices:
1) I COACH, I WRITE...I coach the speaking elements, I brand you, I media/audience-train you, I mentor the promotional material, I write the speech, I write the book (120 pages, or so) and I write the website: $22,000. [$4000 down, $4500/month for 4 months]


2) I COACH, U WRITE...I coach the speaking elements, I brand you, I media/audience-train you, I mentor the promotional material, I mentor the speech, mentor the book (120 pages) and mentor the website: $12,000. [$3000 down, $3000/month for 3 months]


Here’s how it works:

I will only coach/mentor 2 Conglomerates at a time.

“Jack has been my presentation trainer for seven years. At first, I hired Jack for what he calls The Ticket — structuring, branding, media training, promotional direction, marketing strategy. Then he coached me in a video demo. When I decided to write a book, hiring Jack for reflection & direction was a no-brainer. He’s the best — and always a kick to work with.”  Jon Chandonnet; Conglomerate: Speaker, Workshop Leader, Author










Jack’s tools for speaking are simple, effective and fun. His method is one I use at every speaking event I’m invited to. Why?  Because it works—I know by the crowd interaction and their comments afterward.  Jack’s method makes them think (and engage) beyond the few minutes I’m in front of them. Jack’s method makes a lasting impression—and—by using Jack’s method, I make a lasting impression too.


Recognizing Jack’s brilliance, I used him to focus me on my dream of writing a book. Not only did he focus me, he gave me the support and foundation I needed to not only write my book, but to write it in 3 short months.  Again knowing Jack was there to answer my questions and support me positively, I amazed even myself.  And, the book won numerous awards including a 2nd place in Foreword Review’s Book of the Year awards. Jack not only gave me the tools and insight but also the confidence to make this happen.


I can’t tell you how many times I have used Jack’s wisdom in my coaching, speaking and writing. I guess the best way to sum it up is this, 'Thanks, Jack; I couldn’t have done it without you!'”

Jane Honeck, CPA, PFS, Author, Speaker, Money Coach, radio host

"I first met Jack at a Speaker’s Boot Camp. Within seconds, literally seconds, he reframed my whole business message into a few short words that captured it all:  The Problem With Money? It’s Not about The Money!  In that instant, I knew I was meeting someone extraordinary. Not only did he think quickly and succinctly—more importantly he thought deeply. Jack simply gets it—no matter how esoteric 'it' might be.

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