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For a better idea of my version of a live event, in the PRODUCTS menu there are six separate mp3’s that were recorded from different workshops and speaker events.

These days, because I spend a great deal of my time on my creative projects,  I haven't been facilitating a lot of events, but I have two showcase affairs scheduled for early fall 2013.


The first of these is The Game.


September 27, 28, 29 in Los Angeles

I'm looking for a small group (6 or 7) of speakers/authors for the Game.


In this highly interactive Speakers’ Bootcamp you will learn how to:

- Tap into your authenticity, innate creativity and surf the present moment

- Master the message, master the media

- Command-Brand your message with a phrase that pays

- Create a Template that teaches you to how to streamline, design, organize and structure your presentations

- Produce presentations that attract attention and motivate action and most important: get results

-  Hook the audience with engaging openings and memorable closings

- Discover the magical power of humor to connect with the audience

- Choose techniques for audience involvement and interactive exercises-the key to retention

- Deliver compelling stories that sell you ideas and products


Total cost is $1497 (payment plan optional)


For more info or enrollment:



The second showcase event is the Speakers' Video Demo, scheduled for the second week in October, also in Los Angeles. The date and information will be posted here soon.


So stay tuned. I've faciliatated 400+ events in my short life, and in the not-too-distant future I will be hosting some of my favorites again.

Such as:

√ IMPROV for SPEAKERS: You can have your topic nailed, memorized word-for-word, but if you are not present, in the moment, comfortable in your body, free in your emotions, somehow or other we know it, and the results of your presentation are greatly diminished


√ STORYTELLING: All the great teachers — Jesus included — were great storytellers. Storytelling is an art. As a speaker you can tell us the point you are trying to make and we may understand it, but we get meaning through stories.


√ SMALL TALK: Every speaker — EVERY SPEAKER — needs to be sound-bit. Every speaker needs to know how to excite us in a sentence, in 5 sentences, in a minute.

“Not only is Jack incredibly spontaneous and humorous in his own right he brings out the best potential in every student. He really gets you, your message, and what you are striving to achieve.  He could mentor a toaster into giving a humorous   keynote!  Learning with Jack is the most fun you can have without indulging in any mood altering substances.  Jack is without a doubt a master at his craft!”      

                                       Loree Taylor Jordan, C.C.H., I.D... The Diva of Health

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