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I work with clients one-on-one: in person or at a distance...and I lead an occasional focus group — which you can read about under the EVENTS tab. Let me boldly state this: at this stage in my career I’m only interested in working with people who are a) serious about mastering the presentation arena and b) care as much about helping their audiences explore and expand as they do making money, gaining fame, impressing the hunk or sweetie in the first row, getting high evaluation marks, being on a first-name basis with Mark Victor Hansen, etc.

The way I see it, there are two parts to the speaking universe, what I call: a) The TICKET & b) The GAME. (The subjects of Blogs #2 & #3. The Game is you in front of audiences.)  The little rub: you have to have a Ticket to get in the Game.

By TICKET, I mean these five items, all of which are essential:

1) organized collection of the problem(s), stories, involvers, solution(s), etc. so that if a meeting planner wants to book you for a 25-minute talk to an all women Cha Cha group, you go to your Template and pick accordingly. And when a corporate meeting planner asks you to speak for an hour to the entire HR Department, you go to your Template and pick accordingly. Bonus: you don’t have to memorize the material — which is a downer anyway.

For oh-so-many reasons, Solid Structure is amazingly important.

2) Command-Branding
Speakers need to be well-branded so that we — audiences and Meeting Planners — know what is unique about you. Good branding, what I call Command Branding (impressive, is it not, I branded how I brand) isn’t just about what you do, or speak about, but it leads to the Conversation, which opens the door to the Dialogue. I call it the B-C-D.


Here’s an abbreviated example:
B: for Tony Magee I suggested the brand Destiny on Demand.

C: What do you mean by that? All of us have a future, very few have a Destiny — the great life, the destined life — because you have to demand it, first of yourself, then of the people in your life.

D: Cool, how do I find out more? Get on my website which will lead the way, and I have a DoD event coming up in a month. Let me tell you about it.










3) Audience & Media Training
I have a saying: “If you can’t excite me in thirty seconds I don’t want to hear you for thirty minutes.” We’re living in the age of Twitter, texting and sound-bites, but far too many people in the business can’t express themselves with poignancy and excitement in a short amount of time. Worse, they don’t really know what their Core Message really is.

I put all of my clients through this training which has the benefit of getting them ready for just about any situation, be it in the networking arena, or a media interview, and especially for their various audiences. You see, our audiences are already sound-bit...they’re putting in over 3 hours a night in front of the TV master, absorbing sound-bit information along with their chamomiles and Chardonnays; viral-conversing (often at the same time) with each other using less than 140 characters. So they like it when you get to the point and still stay engrossing.

4) Promotional Material
The speaking world has been on its ear for a while now, and what used to pass for promo panache doesn’t cut it now. You still need intriguing One Sheets, and a presentation package doesn’t hurt, but 45-90 seconds video snippets are all the vogue. You can sprinkle them on your website and have your own channel on YouTube. We want to see you in action, and before you say you can’t afford it, I bet your son or at least next-door neighbor has a Flip camera and thinks he’s a fledgling Spielberg. (Better yet, I write and oversee the Video Snippet adventure for special clients.)

Don’t ask me about video demos.

5) Marketing Strategy...
The speaking/presentation cosmos is not that much different from anything else out there in the mercantile universe. You need a great product, one that separates you from the competition. In this case, you are the product, so you have to determine your ideal audience(s), and a brilliant strategy to get to them. Oh, but you say, I’m branded, I have One Sheets, I have a great website, they’ll find me. Wouldn’t it be nice.

Believe me, you can’t leave marketing to chance. I tell speakers who think an audience will just find them to not give up their day jobs. “If you build it, they will come” only works in baseball movies.

I do all of the above individually on an hourly basis with clients with whom I feel a rapport...and I have a special deal in which a client pays a discounted rate up front and we don’t count hours. We just keep going till we both sign off on these items: structure, branding, audience/media training, promo material, marketing strategy.


If you’re really intent on making a dent in the speaker world,

go to the CONTACT JACK tab and reach out.









"I LOVE Jack!  He is brilliant, magical, inspired, irreverent (in the best possible sense!) and completely dedicated to getting to the truth of his client.  Working with Jack has been deliciously fun and playful as well as deeply soul searching and freeing.   He really "sees" me, "gets" me -- which is unnerving at times, yet is what I count on him to do... to be my mirror of truth and understanding...  Without a doubt. he is THE BEST!”         Deedre Diemer

“Let me introduce myself. I'm Mike Taylor, motivational speaker. Starting out in the speaking world, first of all I didn't know what I was doing but I knew I had a great story to tell. Secondly, it's amazing how many people try to get your money. However, now and again you come across someone like Jack Barnard who— I knew quite quickly — wasn't motivated by his fees but by getting the job done. He's led my by the hand since step one — from structure to branding to video demo — and he's always been there when I need him. Thanks very much Jack.”           Mike Taylor

"Jack is a totally amazing and a brilliant master. If you patiently follow his guidance, you will experience success big time!  I call him the 'Speakers' Shortcut' because he WILL get you clear on what you really want.  Jack is THE ONE that can help you get to where you want to be. Hire Jack to Fire You Up!"        Author, Speaker, Health Coach, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

Let Tony say it in his own words: "When I chose to become a professional speaker and seminar leader - I quickly realized that the more I learned about the profession, the more I needed to learn, develop and master my skills. I had the vision, the belief, even the energy - but what I was missing was a SYSTEM. Ninety-four percent of all things fail without a sound SYSTEM in place. Coach Jack Barnard has been the missing link in my equation for SUCCESS and SIGNFICANCE as a professional speaker. Coach Jack has been my ACTIVE INGREDIENT for my whole career as a Top-Selling Author and highly sought after speaker. With Coach Jack's creative genius - he has branded me The DESTINY DOCTOR and my central product theme entitled The DESTINY ON DEMAND Method. Because of Coach Jack's first hand involvement with my many projects - I've grossed over $500,000 in product sales over the past few years.”         Tony Magee, MS, MBA - The Destiny Doctor

Look, I don’t have any false modesty about my abilities. I’ve been in the business for a long time. My clients see me as the shortcut because I’m damned versatile and I help them create the most direct path between their unique gifts to the flowering of their visions.​

If you’re a speaker of any kind, you want to get gigs, you want to get to the top of the Meeting Planner pile as quickly as possible. Meeting Planners (Event Coordinators, HR people, anyone who can book you, no matter what they call themselves) have three default questions: 1) do you “know” the audience(s) they book for? 2) do you have a unique perspective on their audiences’ problem/challenge/dilemma?  3) do you have a singular solution?


If you’re less than crystal clear in these three areas, you become part of the pile.

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