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“Working with Jack is an unforgettable experience.  He has a remarkable ability to identify with the needs of the person he is branding or coaching and come up with great creative solutions.  I always get the feeling that he knows my area of expertise better than I do!  I have observed Jack working with hundreds of professionals, providing them with key words, phrases, and strategies that enable them to present their unique features  to the world.  His branding ability is unique, powerful, and right on target.  His easy-going manner and incredible sense of humor make working with him a relaxed and fun-filled experience.”    Sherie Zander

“I suffer from the ‘Dread’, a fear of public speaking that is so crippling I am unable to showcase my true potential. Instead of trying to eliminate the Dread, Jack has been instrumental in helping me embrace it and have fun, while still being true to myself. As a result, I have given myself permission to allow my personality to shine through and for that; I have learned how to build rapport and confidence not only with an audience, but with myself as well.” 

    Keav Ung, Financial Consultant, Retirement Benefits Consulting​


“If I could, I think I would make a gazillion bucks just putting Jack Barnard in a bottle and selling it as this magic elixir that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud while examining why your pants are around your ankles.”  (You can quote me on that...)   Dave Ribble

“Jack is amazing!  He understands exactly what I want to communicate and helps me articulate concepts I had been grappling with on my own for years.”       Fredda Wasserman


“Coach Jack, you're simply the master at "mining" greatness in speakers. You dig deep inside, find the gold nuggets and bring out the best in every client. Thank you for giving my message an identity and helping me go for the gold!” 

Chris Bryant Creator, The Art of Rapport™ Customer Service Expert  Business Etiquette Consultant

“Jack is totally brilliant at taking a misty version of who you are and what you do and putting it into a nutshell that makes sense, not only to you, but also to the market you are trying to reach. Working with him is enormous fun and you can expect him to hold up the mirror to help shift your effectiveness to much higher levels.”  Dawna Jones; speaker, group leader, author, evolutionary provocateur

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